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Posted on 16, Jul, 2009 at 00:25

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I use a lot of the Dreamweaver tools developed by WebAssist. One of their newer tools they have is called PowerCMS. It sells for $99.99. This is a stand-a-lone Content Management System that lets website developers easily setup different areas on a user’s website that the user can edit themselves. They do not need to know HTML or how to upload files to their website.


The first time I tried using it, I had setup two areas on a user’s website in less than one hour. They walk you through 5 basic steps to get PowerCMS running.


1    Set up your MySQL database

A .sql script containing the required database tables, has been provided for you to use with this Solution Pack. They provide instructions on importing this file into your MySQL database.

2    Update the database connection file

Specify your database credentials in the localhost.php database connection file.

3    Modify the settings to suit your needs

All the settings that need to be specified for your PowerCMS to work can be found in the WA_Globals.php file.

4    Uploading your files

Now that your settings are specified, you can upload the PowerCMS files to your live server.

5    Create your page content

Now that all the files are uploaded and working, it is time for you to start creating page content and specifying where this content should appear on your website.



This solves the problem of letting the user edit their own website without having to teach them how to use Dreamweaver and FTP files to the website. It also greatly reduces the chance of the user doing something that causes problems with the website that you have to go in and fix it for them.


For more information on PowerCMS, visit their website at https://www.webassist.com/solutions/powercms/


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