Posted on 27, Jun, 2009 at 16:00

Category: Personal

Not long ago we got a Netflix digital player from Roku ( that allows us to stream instant video from Netflix to our TV. And just recently, Roku now also offers HD Videos from Amazon Video On Demand. This is a great device for just $99.00 and is very easy to setup.


So, while searching for movies to add to my Netflix Instant queue I ran across the first season of Adam-12 (1968) with Martin Milner and Kent McCord so I added it to my queue. I loved this show when I was a kid and watched it whenever I could.


But when I started watching the first episode, I had a hard time making myself watch the whole thing. I actually had to turn it off. The dialogue seemed so corny and contrived. The plot was overly melodramatic and the music was way too loud and often did not fit the scene.


What happen? Maybe I’m more mature now and my tastes have changed. Or it could be related to fact that when we were kids we only had three channels to watch on TV and I watched Adam-12 because at the time, that was the best thing on TV..


It could be that shows like Hill Street Blues that changed the way drama was presented has ruined Adam-12 for me forever. The close camera angles, rapid action cuts and real life dialogue used in filming Hill Street Blues were ground breaking techniques. Watching Adam-12 now, after Hill Street, makes it seem pretty lame and unreal.


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