Stealing Soda

Posted on 25, Nov, 2007 at 18:00

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Why does it bother me, Im not quite sure. I just know that when I see it happening, I get quite irritated. It does not really affect me personally, but because I know it is wrong, and everyone I see doing this, knows that it is wrong, I want to yell at them STOP IT!

Why do some folks think it is ok to help themselves to free drinks at the self serve fountain drink stations found at most of the fast food restaurants like McDonalds, Carl Jr. and Taco Bell? And it is not just the young teenagers coming in after school, but young adults, mothers and grandparents.

One day in a Taco Bell, I witnessed a mother with three children, order food for all of them, one fountain drink and three waters. She then took the three water cups, dumped out the water and preceded to fill the three water cups with soda. She did this while her three children stood next to her and watch the whole thing. She was teaching those children that it was ok to steal soda from Taco Bell.

Yesterday I saw an older woman in McDonalds buy a meal with a soda. A couple of minutes later, she asked for another cup, because she did not like paper cups because they are too flimsy. They gave her another cup and then proceeded to fill up both cups, including the one she said she did not like, and left with both of them.

Another method I have seen many times is to bring a cup with them into the restaurant. Often times this cup is from completely different restaurant. They walk up to the soda fountain, fill it up and leave before anyone sees them.

Now there are some people who are down on their luck and do have much money. I can understand them doing this just to get by in life. But, there are many of these people who appear to do this just because they can get away with it. They can pay for the soda, but for some reason, choose not to pay.

The restaurants know there is a problem and many have installed power switches behind the counter so then can turn off the soda fountains when groups of young kids come in and order just water. Many times I have seen someone with a water glass try to fill it up with soda only to realize that the power was off and the only thing working was the water button. More than once, a few of these kids would get angry because the counter person had turned off the fountain and storm away. Almost as if they thought it was their right to help themselves to free soda.

I do not think this is going to stop unless we standup and let these folks know that this behavior is wrong will not be tolerated.

Im I the only one that feels this way?


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